Economic Roller Coaster Just how bad is the economy?  If you are working day to day, it’s easy to miss how the economy is doing and what an impact it has made on America these last couple of years.  The best way to guage how things are doing is to ask someone who is looking for work just how easy it is to get a job these days.  I’ve seen many people that have been out of a job for multiple years and things just aren’t getting better.

kennenlernen orte I have heard some who have said recently that the recession is over, and while that technically may be true, it seems that we are in the midst of a jobless recovery, which for the 15 to 20 percent of people that are either unemployed or underemployed means no recovery at all. On the job search you are likely to see something that says in effect, wow you have lots of great skills but we decided to hire someone else.  The’re all worded a little differently, but essentially say the same thing.  There has been, however, a new entry into the world of rejection letters and emails.  It says something about how the company has decided to leave the position open rather than hire. 

site de rencontre simple et efficace This new wrinkle is pointing to something that is disturbing when it comes to the economy and shows me that we are in for a ride that is much like a ginsu commercial, “But Wait…there’s more.”  What I mean is that the recession may not really be over as we look at so many people that are out of work.

go to this site Congress recently renewed benefits for the unemployed, which will keep some people afloat for a while, but what will happen when these that have been out of work finally run out of benefits?  Many have taken jobs wherever they can, if those places will hire them and have joined the ranks of those wrangling shopping carts at Wal-Mart, Target or some other store with a college education.  Some can’t get even jobs like this simply because they are hearing a refrain from many potential employers that has said simply, “You’re Overqualified.”

girl asked me out only dating The answer to these tough times is simple.  The government needs to get out of the way of commerce for one, but for the other, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of one another.  If you have a job that you need to hire for, look for someone who needs a job rather than someone who already has one.  In an economy like this, the words “You’re Overqualified” needs to be replaced with “we’re all in this together.”  Ultimately, the fix comes not from the government but ourselves as we strive to find new work and new ways to make money to pay for what we need.  In the end, small business and American ingenuity will save us again…as it always has.