Does He Even Want to Be President?

site de rencontre et tchat gratuit Over the weekend, a piece came out in the Telegraph, a British publication, that asked an unusual question.  Does Barack Obama want to be reelected in 2012? President Obama was swept into power for two large reasons.  The first was his speaking ability in the public.  From people convinced that he was one of us, ready to take power on behalf of the people to media types that heard him and felt a tingle going up their leg, Barack Obama was barely challenged when he said anything during the campaign.  His masterful ability at reading a preprepared speech from a TelePrompTer was hailed as being wonderful, regardless that the speeches really said nothing about how he planned on governing.  The second was the circumstances of the economy.  It tanked during the election and the GOP was faulted because their guy was in office. 

look at here As you look at the way that the President has acted once in office, you get baffled really quick.  He comments on the proposed mosque near Ground Zero in New York, an issue that clearly the President had no reason to comment on.  He promises certain things in the election and delivers on nothing but liberal programs, leaning clearly to the left.  The speculation has started that he simply wants to be a one termer.  I myself have speculated on that recently, but you have to dig a little deeper to see what’s really going on.  That kind of digging will be done in the coming months.

site here President Obama has had many a foot-in-mouth moments that have been for the record books.  While some say that he doesn’t plan on running or doesn’t plan on winning, I say his lack of real experience in a large office is what is coming into play.  As President, the media and the country hangs on your every word.  They don’t generally when you are a community organizer or even as Junior Senator from the State of Illinois.  His campaign for that seat was largely unopposed and his campaign for President was against a candidate who was running just simply because those in the GOP establishment thought that his turn had come.

site de rencontre handicapУЉ mental I believe that the President is clearly inexperienced in the idea that he is now governing and that everything he says can and will be heard, repeated and used against him ad nauseum.  I believe he really does want to be President beyond 2012, but just has no real experience in making himself sound good for the people in general in that environment.  That inexperience is playing out now in every decision and will play out on the national stage as he runs, what may likely be a losing battle, for another term.