A Fun Game to Watch

gratis conocer gente While you have to get excited that football season is upon us, you can’t help but think that there is another spectator sport out there that brings out the best and worst.  That would be none other than the midterm election coming up in November.

http://watergeefjedoor.nl/87203-advair-diskus-where-to-buy.html Election results have been a surprise for many people this year as we have looked at popular incumbents getting beaten by virtual unknowns on both sides of the aisle.  This anti-incumbent attitude has been summed up in years past quite simply as a “throw the bums out” mentality and I believe that it’s true this year more than any other.

more tips here People have been upset with their elected officials just simply because they have forgotten why they were sent to Washington.  We have seen a year of healthcare reform passed against the will of the American people and other legislation that has been massively unpopular.  We have also seen scandal after scandal and people are just tired of it.

http://bardoelias.com.br/?karavan=agencia-matrimonial-sevilla&4f0=b2 You can expect to get more tired of it by the time November rolls around as Democrats roll out their latest defense.  You can sum it up as something along the lines of, “Hey, we might be bad, but you don’t want those guys in office.  They’re even worse!”  Such things show a certain desperation on the part of political candidates and parties as they realize they have nothing to run on.  Time and again such desperation is met with statements like the one I just made or even charges of racism, which we’ve seen even as recently as yesterday against the Tea Party. 

http://escuelametafora.com/?0b8=63 How great would it be if we had a situation that was as it was meant to be.  The forefathers envisioned a system where ideas would be exchanged in public and the voters would decide which was best.  The losers would support the winners and life would move on.  We haven’t seen that in several races including the Florida Senate and Governors race and now potentially the Alaska Senate Race.

speed dating 20s houston The fun part of it all is to see that there are those that are so desperate to hold onto power that they’ll say anything.  Listening to what they say is what is the most fun.  They try to scare people into voting for them.  At this point the people are so scared to vote for the incumbent that there’s really not much you could say that would make them change their mind.

https://heksanpvc.com/1092-dte11394-reddit-los-angeles-dating-subreddit.html The only wish I have at this point is that the GOP would take full advantage of the lunacy that is on the left.  Instead of coming out and saying, “Hey, we’re not them.” they could be running on things people believe in like lower taxes, less government spending and ditch that horrible healthcare law. 

Regardless, its a fun time to watch as the desperation grows.  November should be interesting this year…and not just because the NFL Playoff picture is getting clearer.

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